The List

  1. Have a purpose.
  2. Downshift well[see below].
  3. Stop eating when the sun goes down.
  4. 85% plant-based – Eat meat only 2X per week for optimal absorption and passage. This rule is conditionally flexible. The condition for that flexibility is chewing each bite more than 100+ times. Chew it until there is no flavor left, then swallow.
  5. Revive at 5 – Reducing stress an hour before dinner will improve digestion[see below].
  6. Meet, greet and repeat[4X/month].
  7. Family first and multi-generational living.
  8. Pick/go 5 to stay alive[core group]–>Couple with #6 and meet with a core group regularly. Maybe once throughout the week.

Idea Inspiration –

Post Scripts~

#4 –  Chewing 100+ may seem a little excessive, but I suggest that it is a necessity and utmost importance if this rule be modified.

#6 & #8 could be refined and combined.

#2 & #5 could be refined and combined and would be made gold if one were to be in bed with lights out 9[nine] hours and 36[thirty-six] minutes before sunrise every night. That’s when our bodies NIGHT SHIFT begins.