The Breast Microbiome: Who Knew?

I had no idea. The following are some starting points for anyone interested in better understanding what it means to properly care for and feed your microbes…8)

We may not be able to see them with the naked eye. Occasionally we can see proof of their existence. Frequently we experience effects of their metabolism as an itch or skin that is warm to touch. Maybe a lump or an ulceration. A painful toothache or yucky old pink eye. Plain and simple we live with microbes. And the growing consensus among academia and nutritionists alike is that we depend on them as much as they depend on us.

The Breast Microbiome: A Role for Probiotics in Breast Cancer Prevention

Diet Affects the Breast Microbiome In Mammals

The Breast Has Its Own Microbiome–and the Mix of Bacteria Could Prevent or Encourage Cancer

Unhealthy gut promotes spread of breast cancer Disrupting gut bacteria had profound, sustained effects, making cancer more aggressive

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