Such an odd word right?

I think this is where we will find the best possible outcome for attaining to receiving all the sleep our body needs to function based upon its needs. And it can be accomplished by providing your body with the OPPORTUNITY to sleep up to 9 hours if it needs to.

snoringThis is accomplished by being in bed, in the dark, lying down and ready to sleep 9 hours and 36 minutes before sunrise every day. Today that would mean being in bed at 9:15PM.

Give it a try for a couple of weeks. You might find yourself with a new habit that you want to tell everyone about…8)

Habit versus Nonproliferation

Pardon my random thoughts. Of which one has been tickling my little grey cells as of late. The idea of intentionally not feeding anything with strict frequency.

ANTONYMS-Opposite of[frequency]- nonattendanceabsence | visible | ordinal | unimportant|- Synonyms of[frequency]- attendance | presence | invisible | cardinal(?) | important


ANTONYMS-Opposite of[habit]- decline | decrease | nonproliferation | narrowing |- Synonyms of[habit]- increase | proliferate | widening

A habit is a tradition is a custom. It is the foundation of expectation which is followed by a static outcome. An outcome marked by stasis.

I woke up this morning, took care of the usual and find myself listening to a podcast by Atheists In Recovery. The episode is on food and sugar addiction. BINGO!!! I’m all over that.

You cant control and use. Abstinence makes the hijacking less and less. Your ability to be rational is enhanced by abstinence. The longer you can stay abstinent the more your brain can heal. Addiction is a dopamine resistance.

I am considering disease. Specifically related to biofilms and their points of attachment on the human epithelium and endothelium as they relate to addiction and addictive behaviors. Why do we have addictive behaviors? Are they not simply bio-chemical cues telling us that our [gut-buddies] are waiting patiently for their fare that they have had to adapt to…

Being a constant variant is A WAY of combating disease as is related to microbial overgrowth. A biofilm relies on the norm. On all things remaining the same. What allows a program like A.A. to maintain continued success is that it does not by nature remain the same.

Disease prefers a static host. When you change it sends you a reminder that it does not like change.

The best way to beat an opportunistic pathogen is to remove opportunity.

Be inopportune. Be as random as humanly possible.