Blue Zone to You

I want to bring the blue zone to you. I want to bring extended longevity to you. I want to help you move from a life of disease to a life of ease. A place where you can look back and say, oh yeah, I remember headaches, I used to have those all the time; forgot all about them. Imagine that…

I have been very fortunate to have been afforded the time(true wealth) to dial back the years of ignorance and disease that led me to life. For I have become sober minded and it was not intentional. I quite literally ate my way to sobriety.

When I was faced with the reality that my immune system had targeted my decision making processes as its enemy it didn’t mince words letting me know it’s intentions, it simply waged war against my flesh. My skin no longer felt like my own. I quite literally felt as though I was wearing someone else’s skin and matching wig.

I got the message. Change or be changed.

what is addiction to me

I had an addiction problem that landed me in daily meetings with like minded people. I met a very serious and robust systemic illness and discovered the source of my true addiction in the sugars I had to give up.

It took 9 months of simple sugar abstinence to fully appreciate what it meant to be sober minded rather than just sober.

My true vice was sugar and alcohol was just the most potent form. But when that became a detriment I switched to Skittles and meetings…8)

And it worked because I was still feeding my muse. Just a slower uptake. Which led me back to where that addiction started and there I was starring at a picture, looking back at my first birthday cake and the ice cream suit I so proudly wore with a smile.

It is unfortunate for sure, but we do this to our kids just as it was introduced to us. And what should be a life of ease becomes one of disease and viola…Alcoholism and over-eating really is a disease. One that we strapped on.