Standards and Practices

I am a mammal. An omnivore that does not consume mammal or any of its byproducts. 

75% of my caloric intake looks raw vegan. It’s a whole-food plant-based foundation topped off with some cooked vegan meals. I do get plenty of fruit. Fruit is energy dense so I am careful about how I eat it. I also eat the whole fruit, as in ALL of it. Skin, seeds and all.

Raw as much as possible. I always give preference to locally grown produce and seasonal eating. Eating seasonally is actually a way to avoid disease. Seems to be a built in safety mechanism that keeps you from having too much of a good thing. When possible, avoid produce grown in different hemispheres.

And by all means, VARIETY! VARIETY!! VARIETY!!!

This will force your gut to have a broad spectrum of good bacteria. The greater variety of intestinal flora the better everyone gets along, including us.

  1. Try to limit my eating to a twelve hour window between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.
    1. -Why? It improves the gut transition time.
  2. Be in bed, lights off by ten. Or nine to feel fine. Or eight to feel great.
    1. -Why? Because there are nocturnal processes in and on our body that need the energy. That and I don’t want to disturb those processes that are primarily concerned with digestion and cellular repair. If you are using those resources to burn the midnight oil, your restorative processes will be greatly diminished.
  3. Completely chew food to a pulp. 32 times per bite if you need a place to start.
    1. -Why? Alpha Amylase is the first digestive enzyme to be introduced to your food. It is necessary for simple carbohydrate digestion and it resides in your saliva which saturates your food as a result of chewing. Nature will castigate those who do not masticate. -Horace Fletcher
  4. Do NOT stick your fingers in your mouth, nose, eyes or ears unless absolutely necessary. If so immediately wash or disinfect your hands.
    1. -Why? There are many microbial colonies all across, inside and outside of our bodies. Each have distinct colonial features and some don’t play well with others. Our hands in general but fingernails make for quick transport across boundaries that should remain intact.
  5. Do not bathe or shower every day unless hygiene require it. If so keep it as short as possible and as close to body temperature as possible. No soaking.
    1. -Why? Our skin is our bodies largest organ and we need it to live. It is also our largest organ of elimination and it is home to a legion of microbial life that depend on very specific environmental variables that cleaning and cleansers have a tendency to disrupt.[MORE INFO PENDING]
  6. Do however take a 30 minute[<–OBEY] medicinal bath once every 3.5 days with 2 cup epsom salts, 1 cup sea salt, 1/2 cup Borax and 1/2 cup baking soda.
    1. -Why? Because it just feels amazing. Beyond that it is very healing to anything that might be negatively affecting your outer two layers of skin. This also assists your lymphatic system, further aiding your skin to process out the old cellular debris.
    2. And what I do in between if I feel icky? I have made dry skin brushing my friend. Also, those lovely ph balanced heavy duty baby wipes from Walmart work wonders.
  7. Wear copper and silver jewelry occasionally.
    1. -Why? Both are antimicrobial and copper will improve your skins health and appearance. It’s necessary for collagen production. That and it is significantly cheaper than silver. Copper also tells you if your gut is too acidic via oxidation.

I want to live to be at least 144 years of age with a body that looks no older than middle aged. That means I would get to see the year 2116. But is there really even a hard limit there?

I can’t imagine you not wondering what would make me feel like this could even be accomplished. I believe it is not only possible but inevitable with practice. Allow me a few minutes to explain why I think this is possible.

In 2012 I found myself itching from head to toe and what I thought was a flaming case of gluten intolerance. I drew this conclusion via a quick Google search and an elimination diet. It was a cheap and easy test removing gluten from my diet. After a short time the itching went away and a significant amount of inflammation went along with it.

Having lost some weight, I felt a lot better, looked a lot better and got on with life as though the problem was solved. Why look any further if the symptoms that were ailing me had resolved? Well…Five years later it all came back, yet I hadn’t been consuming any gluten that I was aware of. And this time it was much more aggressive and there were some additional symptoms this time around.

Being the adventuresome guy that I am I figured I might possibly be able to whip this again like I had before, but this time I would be a little more aggressive on the dietary front. This time around I redoubled my dietary efforts by also removing all excess sugars processed or natural from my diet. Basically a restricted calorie ketogenic diet. It worked. The itching went away in short manner and again I found myself losing inflammation. This time around however I lost a little more weight than before. At just shy of six foot I found myself looking down at a scale that flashed 132.5 pounds.

I felt really good, but I looked really bad. And then all kinds of weird things started happening to my body. A lot of changes for the positive started taking place that I hadn’t expected. Now these changes, they didn’t happen overnight, but the changes were that of consistent improvement over the next year. I even gained back the weight I had lost and then some, but this time it came back as muscle. This took about a full year to accomplish.

Then came year two with its own set of challenges that I wasn’t expecting. There was still more to cleanse which it would appear is what our body simply does if we feed it what it needs. What our intestinal flora needs.

One of the things I changed up in my diet is that I added a casein based protein in place of whey which resulted in additional inflammation. It highlighted to me that dairy was or had become an issue for me. And I wasn’t even aware. After an extended fast and a re-feeding hick-up from kefir, I decided to eliminate all dairy for a while and have had great success. And I don’t really miss it. Okay, I do occasionally bemoan the loss of cheese.

And then somewhere in the summer of 2019 almost two years in to this diet I decided to redefine the kind of omnivore I was going to be. I decided to remove almost all mammalian products from my diet. I believe that this also has improved my overall health.

My reasoning behind removing mammal from my diet is primarily for reasons of differentiation or lack there of by pathogenic interests. There are many thousands of years of cultural and religious condemnation and or exceedingly careful treatment of prepared mammal that I think it behoves me to just steer clear. Holy cow, did you catch the pun in that last statement? I’ll not milk this one any further…8) Mooooving on.

[further steps]