1. Make liver and kidneys healthy. Lots of Milk Thistle and Vitamin C. Do this and your skin will follow suit.
  2. Stone Breaker and Horse Chestnut Extract. Break up stones throughout body and improve vascular health.
  3. Use[rotate] systemic[proteolytic] enzymes liberally and frequently. Wobenzym N, Bromelain, Serrapeptase, Nattokinase, Lumbrokinase.
  4. Capryl – Stop auto-brewing.
  5. Achieve sufficient levels of Iodine.
  6. Achieve sufficient levels of Boron.
  7. Achieve sufficient levels of Nicotinic Acid(Vitamin B-3).
  8. Achieve sufficient levels of L-Tyrosine.

This last one, #8 is my most recent addition. And let me just say that my mind is blown how much difference this one little amino acid has made in my life. And I had no idea that I was deficient. It is literally the raw material necessary for your body to synthesize dopamine, melanin and l-thyroxine. Three very important things you DON’T want to be lacking. Trust me. It pretty much ensures that you will feel good, have sufficient energy and be elevated in mood.

When possible, eliminate all refined sugars. When possible, eliminate all dairy products. Limit seed bearing fruit to ONE piece per day. Preferably skin, seeds and all. Limit animal protein(meat) to 10% of daily calories.

Beyond one or two pieces of fruit per day(in season and regionally sourced) and 10% of your calories in animal protein, fill your diet with raw produce. Cook produce when necessary to unlock nutrients.

One behavioral practice I have is that I avoid touching anything above my shoulders or below my waistline unless absolutely necessary. And if so, I promptly wash my hands. Fingers and their lovely nails are like microbial warp drives, transporting microbial life from one universe to another sometimes almost instantly…LoL

Beyond this it is just a matter of time to allow your body to correct itself. There is very little our will has to do with it other than following a correct framework for optimized nutrient absorption. As of March 2020, I am 30 months in and I expect that 42 months or 3.5 years should be the expected timeline for my middle aged body to do what it needs to fully shift to a body that is functionally reset to a youthful state. A place of ease rather than disease.

Oh…Wash behind your ears daily.