A new me by moon 43 – How to Recover Well

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Michael J Loomis-48 yrs.

[March 03, 2021] Only 6 days left and I am still learning more every night, creating my own perpetual process protocol. What some might refer to as standards and practices. What I like to call my [B]asic [I]nstructions for [B]iological [L]ife [E]xtension. My B.I.B.L.E. My own recipe of sorts. My Rx for life. My practice based upon my own unique experience on this Rock.

I am going to suggest that we can live a much longer and more fulfilled life while remaining perpetually young physically. Say 30 years of age at the most but for 120 years and beyond. I wouldn’t want one without the other myself. Or at the very least slow down the effects of aging to 1/4 the speed or less. Change aging from a 1:1 progression to something like 4:1. Maybe even better. What is the point of living longer if I can’t do it better too right?

We may not be able to stop these processes that are part of being human, but maybe we can control when and where we allow them to take their metabolic courses. Learn to navigate, manipulate and even better orchestrate the full field of affects of our whole microbiome and the role it plays in aging.

So what if there were just a handful of things we could do that would keep us just beyond the reach of the things that are usually associated with aging. Alzheimers, cancers, cardio-vascular disease, type-2 diabetes, etc.

I am suggesting there is. 


As homo sapiens, there should be some way of enacting a set of practices that result in a best outcome for our overall wellbeing. One such example of this would be the Mosaic Law found in the Hebrew scriptures. Do this, don’t do that. Eat this, don’t eat that. Don’t touch this and bury that way over there, and so forth if you want to live happily ever after. 

3.5 years or 42 moons/months is a reference to the approximate amount of time it has taken me to correct the years of poor dietary decision making. Ironically, most of my health issues were being blamed on aging by friends, family and doctors. Who was I to say they were wrong?